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Liverpool FC HQ is the number one place for all Liverpool fans looking to read and learn about their side in a completely different way and being the top fan amongst friends and work colleagues when it comes down to being the super fan of the group!

Of course, there are thousands and thousands of articles about the Reds on the web regarding the latest news, views and opinions from those that are paid over the odds to share their baseless comments!

However, we aim to bring you the different side to the game and the one that not many media outlets decide to give the time of day – tactics!

Liverpool FC HQ wants to bring that to you, the Liverpool superfan, and help you to understand just exactly what Jurgen Klopp and his players are looking to achieve when they take to the field.

Therefore, we produce a number of match analysis articles prior to upcoming fixtures to help you to understand what to look for from the tactical side of our great sport, which in turn, may make watching it that more enjoyable than it already is to be an Anfield faithful!

After a match is played, you can expect to see an analysis report on what has happened in a particular encounter as we highlight certain moments and things that were witnessed throughout the game and might have been missed by those regular media outlets.

The analysis does not stop with the matches or club as a collective, though, as we also go in-depth and use data-driven statistics to look at individuals in greater detail and look to pinpoint certain things they bring to the game that might not have been noticed with the naked eye.

Of course, Liverpool FC HQ will still offer you all the latest news, views and opinions that the other media outlets share in our columns, however we will bring so much more to the forefront in our articles, keeping the analysis theme well and truly alive!

We hope you enjoy our site and coverage of the mighty Reds, and perhaps, learn a little more about the tactics used and look at the game in a new light.

Interested in learning more about the tactical side of the game and an avid Liverpool fan? Then, why not get in touch and write for us?

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