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Liverpool Betting Odds: Next Matches and Outrights

Liverpool is a big club from the English Premier League Big 6. They have the best structure and financial resources possible to make sure they have an amazing squad at the disposal of their manager, now Jürgen Klopp, who’s been there for a while and could stay a lot longer depending on the end of the ongoing season.

But how will the Red perform in the betting markets in the last rounds of the 2023/24 season? That will depend on a few factors, including team news about injuries and suspensions. 

Not only Liverpool has a great squad, but they also have a great health staff that knows how to prevent common injuries and have the best starting XI possible at all fixtures.

The days haven’t been quite easy for Klopp and The Reds compared with the last seasons when they were the big protagonists of English footie, together with Manchester City. The rivalry between the clubs became a lot more relevant in recent seasons as the teams were the best ones in England during that time, as well as being some of the teams with the best squads and performances at the international level in competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool Odds: Ongoing edition of the EPL

The modern betting markets have several different options for punters, whether they are recreational gamblers or professional punters.

The most popular betting markets out there are the match result ones. The reasons are many, but the main ones are the fact that you don’t have to wait much to find the result of the bet, unlike the outrights markets where you need to wait until the end of the season to find it out, and the fact that you can even bet during a game in the match result markets including 1×2 and Asian Handicap.

After the international break, there’ll be a very prestigious fixture between Liverpool and Man City, in Manchester, on April 1st.

The odds in the 1×2 market (decimal system) are 1.65 for the victory of the hosts, 4.6 for the match draw, and 5.6 for a victory of Liverpool. In the past, during the peak of the rivalry between these clubs, the odds for these clashes would be a lot more balanced, as both teams had similar chances to win the games in the eyes of the betting markets.

Odds for Liverpool to Win the 2023/4 EPL

Arsenal is the favourite to win the ongoing edition of the English Premier League and everyone knows that, as the North London side has quite a few points more than second-place Manchester City. But the distance between Arsenal and Liverpool in the betting odds market is perhaps more impressive than you could imagine.

The odds for a triumph of Arsenal after 20 years are 1.65 on average, while the odds for The Reds to win the ongoing EPL are 1500 to 1!