Representatives of the English leagues are confident that sponsorship deals with bookmakers “make a significant contribution to the current financial sustainability of professional football at all levels.” They also added that the league has agreed to a memorandum of understanding with local bookmakers to ensure that all relationships are “socially responsible”. Visit Jackpot Charm Casino who also sponsoring sports teams and offer a bunch of different gambling entertainment. But one can expect only one thing – whether the public wants it or not, but the number of agreements between bookmakers and Premier League clubs will only grow. In the United States, there is still debate about the legalization of gambling throughout the country. Consequently, American bookmakers, in case of a positive outcome for them, will also want to enter one of the most popular soccer markets in the world.

Licenses for Casinos

Licenses are issued for five years with the possibility of renewal. Each type of gambling business is taxed according to its class. When it comes to sports licenses, the tax is only 0.5%. It is important to know that following the legislation of the European Union, the company can pay taxes in any selected country without having to pay them again to the country where the services are provided. Malta, offering such positive tax conditions, has become one of the most popular countries for bookmakers. They live on the same principle in Gibraltar, which can be called a somewhat autonomous region of the Kingdom.

Why Are There So Many Maltese And Gibraltar Online Casinos?

The nine gambling title sponsors of the Premier League clubs have spent 49 million pounds in total. The data on the contracts in the championship are unknown. And what’s most interesting: most of them are based either in Malta or Gibraltar. The Mediterranean state was previously part of the United Kingdom. The reason is not only historical. Malta in 2004 became the first EU state to legalize online casinos. A lot of resources moved their documentation to the island, and the government did everything possible to promote this new business at that time. Besides, it is very easy to organize an online casino in the country. To successfully apply for a remote gambling license, several requirements must be met. First of all, each company must provide software that works seamlessly and can provide a comfortable gaming environment. That system must be tested for at least six months, and reports on this must be sent to government agencies. Companies have to pay 2,310 euros to apply, and the annual license cost is estimated at 8,300 euros.

The Impact of Casinos on Football

The trend when bookmakers invest in the naming of the entire league is now more and more popular. For example, earlier the Ukrainian football championship was called ìPari-match Premier Leagueî, and the Russian league is officially called ìOlimp-FNLî. The next closest league in terms of the number of such title sponsors is the Spanish La†Liga†with five clubs (Alaves,†Girona,†Levante,†Leganes,†Sevilla). Although the fashion for sponsorship by bookmakers came from there – everyone remembers how†Bwin†blinked on the form of “Real” ten years ago. In Italy, there are constant scandals due to online casinos.†Roma†and†Lazio†are now at the center of legal action against the Italian government, which is trying to ban gambling advertising. Both metropolitan clubs, despite the ban, confidently signed new contracts with bookmakers ñ now they are present in the names of the clubs’ training centers. France has no such problems. The state-owned lottery company La†Francaise†des†Jeux†(FDJ) has agreed to sponsor deals with four teams in†Ligue†1. Until the 2021/22 season,†Olympique, Lyon, AS Monaco, and Nantes will have†FDJ†as an official partner. The company is also part of the pool of official partners of the French Football Federation. Germany is in a similar situation to France. Nobody has title bookmaker sponsors in the†Bundesliga, only the club’s partners.†Tipwin†recently took steps to establish partnerships with†Hannover, Bayer, and†Eintracht.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos are inextricably linked to various sporting events. Moreover, the popularity of some sports has been significantly influenced by gambling companies. The profitability of some sporting events sometimes reaches several billion dollars. Thanks to this, many companies and clubs can make significant fortunes from advertising, ticket sales, gadgets, branded goods, and so on. Bookmakers strive to promote their brands and secure a stable income – they sign sponsorship contracts with many sports clubs. You could repeatedly see the logos of gambling companies on the T-shirts of your favorite football players, banners in stadiums, and other places. Such activities are needed to attract fans to the websites of bookmakers online.