The change that’ll matter: Will Liverpool star's absence affect the team?
The change that’ll matter: Will Liverpool star's absence affect the team?

In another week of Champions League action Liverpool will be hosting Italian side Napoli at Anfield, in a match that will determine whether the Reds will top their group or not.

Liverpool, who are the defending champions have been on a good run of form lately. So far this season, the Reds have played four matches, winning three and losing one. They have scored ten goals which leaves them at an average of 2.5 goals per match. They have a total attempt of 65 shots, and 24 shots on target, five big chances created, 21 dribbles, and 59 runs into key areas.

For passes, Liverpool has a total of 3,020 passes attempted and 2,596 passes completed with 86% passing accuracy.

They also have a total of five tackles, three blocks, 37 clearances, and 183 balls recovered in just four Champions League matches.

As impressive as Liverpool have looked so far this season across all competitions, the not-so-secret element that has added depth to their play is their ability to attack from all sides, using their full-backs to compliment attacks.

The keys to this attacking formation are Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson but with the 25-year-old Scottish defender’s ankle injury, he is likely to miss the match against Napoli on Wednesday.

As seen on Liverpool’s website, the Scottish international expressed how he feels with the injury and having to sit out this match.

“It has been [feeling] better to be fair, just a bit stiff after matches but it is something I can manage with and something I am quite happy with.

“It’s slightly painful, but if you don’t have any pain in the amount of games we play then I suppose you’re doing something wrong!

“All the lads are managing stuff and we’re all good. I feel good, feel fresh and hopefully, that continues.

“I get paid to play games and I get paid to train, so I don’t want to miss training sessions. All the lads are the same, we don’t want to miss any training sessions, we don’t want to miss any games.

“Genk at home is probably the best example for me; I wanted to play, but the manager made his mind up that I was only going to play one of the Aston Villa or Genk games and he chose Aston Villa. It’s about managing [it].

“It happened with Mo at the weekend. He would have been desperate to play, but for him, it was best to have an extra couple of days rest. We all want to play, we all want to play games, but unfortunately, sometimes it is not quite possible and sometimes people need to step in to tell you otherwise and you need to respect that.”

Will Robertson’s absence be missed?

Seeing how well in sync Robertson has been with Trent Alexander-Arnold, he will definitely be missed. The pair know how to play with each other, providing the switch that gives Liverpool the edge over their opponents.

The rocket-like passes make their switches beautiful to watch, and going from one side of the pitch to the other is part of what exhausts the opposition. Considering how well Alexander-Arnold and Robertson do it, replacing Robertson with someone else will make it hard to play that style.


We can argue it is not the first time this season Liverpool is playing without Andy Robertson and they’ve always came out with a win. But we also need to be truthful in that Robertson’s presence would make things easier for the Reds.