Another season of the EFL Cup has finished, and its big winner is Manchester City. But now Josep Guardiolas squad has a more prosaic and specific goal they must win the Premier League, where their main competitor is Liverpool.

For the Reds, the current season may well become historic because for the first time in almost 30 years they are so close to winning the title. Jurgen Klopp managed to create a truly combat-ready team, which is able to win the first place. Despite the fact that at the end of winter and early spring, the Merseysiders gave up a little, they still remain one of the main contenders for the title.

The team also benefited from an early departure from the EFL Cup because it was one less competition for Klopp to worry about.

The strengths of Klopps team include;

#1 A balanced lineup: Now, they do not have such bias towards the attack, which was the issue last season. The team leads in the number of clean sheetsin the Premier League, and it is largely down to Alisson.

#2 Tactical flexibility of the coach: This season, Liverpool do not always play 433. the team is now able to transform and achieve the result in different ways.

#3 The individual skills of leaders: There are not many Premier League games left, so Klopps team simply does not have the right to make a single mistake. Each point dropped will cost them greatly, and if the club really expects to compete for the title, then they need to treat each match as a cup final.

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In the decisive rounds, both contenders for the gold medals of the championship must do their best at 100% in every single match. The cost of one mistake is too high. The advantage of Liverpool, in this case, is not only a somewhat less busy calendar but also motivation. The Manchester City players became the champions last season, while the Merseysiders have not won the first place since 1990.

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