Wijnaldum’s current deal expires at the end of next year, and with the vast majority of Jurgen Klopp’s squad tied down to the long run, the prospect of the No. 5 departing has concerned fans.

The Dutchman simply said, “We shall see,” adding, “It depends on what the club needs, how the situation is at the moment,” though he believes Liverpool”home.”

Undoubtedly one of the Reds’ most important players, Wijnaldum should be a priority concerning contract talks, but offering an explanation in a meeting with The Redmen TV, Maddock emphasized his era as a sticking point.

“However, the key here isn’t £90,000 per week, but he is coming 30 years old.

“Look at how Liverpool do business today when they are taking a look at contracts that they reward them for performance, but they also finally look at sell-on potential.

“And the simple fact is, at 30 years old, you give him an additional contract then you get nothing for him.

“So you need to be sure.”

There’s considerable trust among fans that Liverpool will make the perfect choice over gamers, whether incoming, outgoing or people prolonging their stay, with James Milner’s new two-and-a-half-year deal broadly celebrated last month.

“They gave him this five-year contract when he was 28, and everybody was going’ that is too long, it is mad, what are they doing it ‘.

“As it turns out it was a fantastic choice because now look at him: he is up there with the great Liverpool captains.

“They are going to win the league, so he consequently has won the Champions League, won each of these cups this year, he will win the league as captain.

“I’d relate him to Emlyn Hughes in terms of not necessarily [being] given the acclaim he deserves but [he is] an unbelievable leader and a very lifting kind of personality.

“And a year ago people were saying, what have we given him such a major contract for?’.

“Now you are looking at him and not only will he lead this team for another few years, but he will pass on his expertise and possibly do a Milner role.”

And while there’ll be an anxious wait until Wijnaldum does put pen to paper, with fears he’ll adhere to the Emre May route instead of those of Henderson and Milner, Maddock is convinced he’ll sign.

“They have got to look at Wijnaldum, he is a slightly different era. I suspect that they are speaking to him about the length of the contract, not cash,” he explained.

“You do not give him a five-year contract, but of course if you are 30 years old and you are signing your’last’ contract, you need it as long as possible [and] as large as possible, particularly with the level he is playing.

“But they have always come to an arrangement with these players that are important. James Milner’s example, they have always come to an arrangement with them but they always leave it because he is of an age where you can not throw money around.

“Liverpool just do not do that, they are very careful, sensible, and they have this setup now where they are making long-term decisions in addition to short-term decisions.

“And it’s working. Why alter it? But he’ll find a contract, he will get more than £5 million per year!”